We’re helping those inside Ukraine and refugees in surrounding countries.

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We’re helping those inside Ukraine and refugees in surrounding countries.

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Ukrainian Crisis Relief

Your immediate assistance is needed in Ukraine where there are already millions in need of our help. There is great risk of additional suffering both within Ukraine and for those who are fleeing to neighboring countries for safety.  
More than one million people have fled—most of whom are women and children. Joyce Meyer Ministries is prepared to help where possible through our office in Kyiv, as well as in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Slovakia.
This situation remains dire, and we cannot do this work without your help. When you give, you provide immediate assistance for our sisters and brothers in Ukraine.

Prayer changes things and your prayers, in addition to your support, will make so much difference in the lives of countless people. One hundred percent of whatever you give will go directly to those affected by this crisis, as well as other ongoing disaster relief efforts.  
Please give today at joycemeyer.org/Ukraine   

Here are some of the partners we are working with on the ground:

- Alfa Omega TV – Romania: Supplying food, clothes, accommodations/shelters (beds inside the churches, houses, and individual homes), medical supplies, and transportation from the border to locations inside Romania.
- KDM Krakow, Church for the City - Poland: Helping with transportation from the border, as well as accommodations, food, and medications.
- Full Gospel Church – Bulgaria: Transportation from the border, collecting food and clothing to be given out, and helping facilitate accommodations, legal counsel, and doctors. 
- Global Teen Challenge: Helping in Slovakia, and inside the Ukraine.

Bethel Global Response: Distributing meals and providing logistics in Romania and Ukraine.

Mercy Chefs: Helping provide meals to people inside Ukraine 

Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries: Helping Ukrainian refugees in Israel to outfit their homes.

Teen Challenge: Helping refugees in Romania

- Filadelfia Church in Moldova: Helping with shelter, food, medicine, and supplying personal hygiene items.